Critical Mass Radio Show April 3, 2013 Bryan Gianesin, Grant Vollmer

April 15, 2013

Bryan Gianesin, Attorney Founder of Gianesin Law Firm joins our show to discuss the seven common mistakes made by business owners. Gianesin Law Firm represents entrepreneurs, family businesses, closely-held companies, start-ups firms, emerging businesses, non-profit entities, and professional practices. Bryan has advised over 400 start-ups, entrepreneurs and business clients over the last 25 years.

Grant Vollmer, Co-Founder of Original BOS discusses how a very personal experience led to the creation of his firm. Balls of Steel manufactures whiskey drink coolers made of medical grade stainless steel that cool your drink without diluting your whiskey. Grant's firm supports testicular cancer cure research and serves as the catalyst for a tight-knit community supporting men effected by testicular cancer.