Critical Mass Radio Show January 27, 2015 Dr. John Locke and Sean Cannell

January 27, 2015

Dr. John G. Locke, Founder of The Mystic Media Group joined Critical Mass Radio Show to talk about how middle market companies can incorporate the power of corporate social responsibility into their businesses. Dr. Locke showcased the firms launch of the Global Impact Entrepreneurship Network. Mystic Media Group is a leader in the digital transmedia industry and interactive marketing space.

Are you looking to grow your business through social media in 2015? Founder of Clearvision Media, Sean Cannell joined Ric in the studio to discuss how middle market companies can effectively utilize social media marketing techniques to achieve real business results. As an expert in video and digital media, Sean talked about the new rules in video marketing and specifically how businesses can use the power of Youtube to successfully brand their business.