Critical Mass Radio Show October 7, 2014 Marcie Glenn and Anabella Bonfa

October 7, 2014

Why do the best people always leave? Marcie Glenn, CEO of Another Source returned to the hot seat on Critical Mass Radio Show to discuss some "real life" recruitment and staffing issues that many middle market companies are confronted with. 

Want to avoid having confidential business information stolen by ex-employees? Attorney and associate at Wellman & Warren LLP, Anabella Bonfa joined our program to talk about how her firm is helping middle market companies avoid losing valuable business data. 

Critical Mass Radio Show June 4, 2014 Marcie Glenn and Vince Duran

June 6, 2014

How do you build a successful team? With great talent of course! Marcie Glenn, CEO of Another Source joined our program to discuss how her firm is helping CEO's and business leaders of middle market companies find and maintain great talent. Another Source is a recruitment services firm matching top talent with top companies. 

Vince Duran, owner of Duran Ads, joined us in the studio to talk about the success of his advertising firm. In an age where new technology has taken over the industry, Vince finds that traditional advertising and marketing is actually the most effective way to market a product.