Final Fridays at Brandman University June 27, 2014 Mick Ukleja, Loren O’Conner, Forouzan Golshani, Samuel Bresler

July 10, 2014

Critical Mass Radio Show presents Final Fridays LIVE at Brandman University. Our expert panelists included Dr. Mick Ukleja, founder and president of Leadership TraQ; Dr. Loren O'Conner, Director of the Office of Disability Service at Brandman University; Dr. Forouzan Golshani, Dean of the College of Engineer at California State University Long Beach; and Dr. Samuel Bresler, Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resource, Learning and Development at Brandman University. Our guest panelists enthusiastically discussed the topic: Is there an ROI (Return on Investment) on ethics in business? 


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